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(English) Palmer Station, Anvers Island, north of the Antarctic Circle (3D)

Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in English.


Urban Styled Loft in the Center of Milan, Italy

This apartment it designed by the architects from Frederic Gooris and Werner Silvestri. The interior is a beautiful combination of concrete, bricks, wood and glass and all in natural colors. The loft used to be an old soap factory but the architects transformed it into a beautiful place to live in. The thought of putting [...]


Contemporary House with Peaceful Canyon Views

This bright and colorful house is currently for sale. It is located in Hollywood Hills West, Hollywood, USA. On the first floor is where the living area is, with big area for relax and a fireplace. It is connected to the second floor with a open space and stairs to the dining place and the [...]


Scandinavian Comfort in White – Apartment in Göteborg, Sweden

This lovely apartment is located in Kungshöjd area of Göteborg, Sweden and is currently for sale. The apartment is approximately 54 sqm and has 2 rooms and a cozy white kitchen area. It was completely restored in 2007 but kept the authentic Swedish home design.